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Bhuvan Bam, who runs BB Ki Vines Channel on Youtube recently delivered a TEDx Talk at IIIT-D. ‘Bancho’ who creates ‘Dharmik Videos’ delivered a talk filled with humor and puns. We have collected all the important points here from the 30 minute long video. And did we tell you that some of the facts are really insane (but true).

1. Bhuvan Bam Was Fun at School.

During school times, he was the fun-factor of his class. Everyone used to love the talkative Bhuvan Bam who used to keep the fun always on. He is currently studying History Hons. from DU.


recess cartoon

2. He Is Earning 3-4 Lacs per Month.

The love from his viewers is making him earn 3-4 Lacs per month. And he is content with what all he has now. He loves to see people smile by his work.



3. Remember ‘Meenakshi Ji’ Video, It Was His Motivation.

BB Ki Vines started unexpectedly and he didn’t see it coming. He got the motivation from a reporter who asked a lady about her feelings after her son drowned in floods. Do you remember his most clean video “Meenakshi Ji” ?

4. He Was a Musician Before Becoming a You-tuber and Still Loves Music.

Before BB Ki Vines got hit, Bhuvan Bam used to live perform in Moti Mahal Deluxe, Delhi with his trio. He performed there for more than a year. He commented that he could easily tell what would the guest order just by looking at their face.

5. Bancho Shocked His Mom by His Videos.

He didn’t tell about BB Ki Vines to his parents and kept it as a secret for a long time. But one fine day his mom searched from him on YouTube and discovered all the Bancho and Fameer *Foody who’s grandfather also loved *Foody. She called him and said “Beta, main tujhe ghar aake dekhti hun”.


bb ki vines fameer

6. Dad Still Know Less about His Work.

His dad still don’t know what he does ‘exactly’, but is happy with his success.

7. College Students Shout “Bancho” During Live Shows.

He says that he blanks out when he sees Vice Chancellor, Faculties etc sitting on front row seats as he enters the college stage for live shows. He doesn’t feel comfortable expressing his ‘Dharmik Work’ well in front of them. The audience keeps on shouting at him Bancho while the dignitaries think – “Gaali khaa raha hai fir bhi khada hai, bada besharam hai”.


crowd shouting gif

8. Could Have Worked with Fox Star Studios. But Didn’t Because of Copy-right Issues.

The Fox Star Studios approached him for something like Ban-Chod Song, but it didn’t turn out well because of copy-right issues. He says that the facilitators between him and the studio rejected 7 of his songs and wanted Ban-Chod Song only (but with modifications).



9. Fans Call Him By “Bancho” Whenever They See Him.

He describes that there was a time he used to roam around on his Scooty with his friends on the road and he misses that a lot. Now whenever he steps outside, and if his fans see him, they get excited and the first thing that comes to there mind to call him up is, yes you guessed it correct, it’s Bancho. Sometimes they call him Sameer too, but no one calls by Bhuvan.


bb ki vines bancho

10. BB Ki Vines + Condom AD = On TV (May be)

He said that a Condom Brand approached him but his father didn’t liked this idea and suggested him to say no to them.

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